Why is the Harman publishing company making a game with the name “Harman”?

Why is the Harman publishing company making a game with the name “Harman”?

A group of Harman publishers is in talks with developers about the name of a forthcoming fantasy publishing house sweepstake, according to an Engadge report.

The company’s marketing and publishing arm, Harman Publishing House, announced that it would be launching a sweepstakes to award the best game on its bookshelf to one of the top developers. 

In a post on its Twitter page, the company said the “best-selling fantasy games” were not part of its “wishlist”.

Harman Publishing is a publishing house that has won major awards for its bookshelves, including best-seller lists in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Harman’s marketing director, Brian Burdick, told Engadg that the “Harmans dream of creating an exclusive publishing house for our fans is still very much alive.”

The company announced that the prize would be the winner of a contest to select the game’s developers and release it as an e-book on May 15. 

But it has yet to officially announce the names of the developers.

Harmon Publishing House has previously made a name for itself by developing games for major publishers such as Ubisoft, EA and Sega.

The company has also released games for the likes of Electronic Arts and Disney.