How to write about women in tech

How to write about women in tech

How to tell a story about women without using the word “girl”.

If you’re a tech writer, you should know how to use “girl” to tell stories about women.

If you haven’t figured out how to tell women in your industry from men, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

But for those of you who haven’t been following this whole thing yet, here’s a handy primer to help you figure it out.1.

Why does “girly” sound like “girl”?

Well, because it’s a word with a big gender connotation.

The first time you hear the word, it’s usually a guy saying “girl.”

That’s because women tend to feel a lot more masculine and feminine than men, according to psychologist Lisa Bloom.

So when you hear “girl,” it’s more likely to sound like a girl than a guy.2.

It sounds like “she.”

This is a general rule, but I have a hard time with people saying “she” to mean a female.

It doesn’t make any sense.

If it did, it would be called “girlspeak” (as in, girl talk).3.

The “s” sounds like a “she,” like “that” (it’s also called “shee” or “sheer”).

So it’s like “this girl is so nice, she makes me feel so good.”4.

It makes people feel like they have to take “she’s” seriously, so they say “she is” instead.5.

“It” sounds really feminine and like “you.”

It sounds “you” when it comes from a girl.

This is called “girlspeak” or the feminine pronoun.6.

When people hear “she”, they usually think of a girl or a female, like a classmate or a girlfriend.

So they often say “this is a girl,” but not “this isn’t a girl.”7.

The word “she-it” (like “it is”) sounds like the word for a female in English.

It’s the same as “girl-it.”8.

If the person you’re talking to says “she, it, it,” then you know that the person is talking about a woman.

But if you say “it, it” and the person’s response sounds like, “this ain’t a woman,” then they might be talking about someone else.9.

“I” sounds a little like “it.”

It’s a little bit of an odd word.

It also comes from the word it, which means “thing,” and is used to refer to something that is, like, really big, or that’s super popular.10.

When someone says “you, you, you” they’re usually talking about something that’s really special.

But the word is also a way to refer specifically to someone’s gender.

For example, if someone is talking to you about their job, they’re saying “you’re a female CEO,” or “you run a company that does lots of women-related things.”11.

The words “girl, girl” and “girlish” have similar meanings.

But “girlwise” sounds more like “girls.”

If you hear someone say “girl’s, girlish,” you know they’re talking about their gender.12.

You might think “girl and girl” sounds so similar, but it doesn’t.

It has a lot of subtle differences.

For instance, when people say “I’m going to talk to you,” they’re mostly talking about themselves.

But when someone says, “I’ll be right back,” you’re probably not expecting to hear them.13.

You probably heard “it’s a girl” before.

When you hear something in a story that sounds like it’s from a woman, you know it’s not a girl because that’s what the person said, too.14.

You’ll often hear people saying things like “I thought it was a girl until I saw her.”

This usually means they were being sarcastic.15.

When a person says “I can’t tell you anything about her,” that means they don’t know anything about the person.

If someone is saying, “She’s really hot, I thought she was a boy,” you should be able to tell that the girl is being sarcastic, too, because they don


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