Which app should you use to view the transcript of the 911 call?

Which app should you use to view the transcript of the 911 call?

The transcript of a 911 call released to the public by police in New York City on Wednesday was released to news organizations around the world.

The call was released in response to the death of Eric Garner, who was put in a chokehold by a police officer in Staten Island last year.

The transcript was first released by the New York Times in December and was a first for a video recording.

The New York Police Department has said that its officers used a Taser on Garner when he resisted arrest.

The incident was captured on video, but it was not made public until Wednesday.

A lawyer for Garner’s family has said the video was edited.

The release of the transcript comes just days after police released a similar transcript of Garner’s 911 call in which he was heard speaking in a loud voice.

The video was released after Garner’s death, but the public was not able to view it for nearly two months.

In the new release, the NYPD said officers responded to a call at 2:45 a.m. on March 19, when Garner was stopped by officers at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenues in Manhattan.

Officers noticed that Garner appeared to be disoriented and was unsteady on his feet.

One of the officers, identified as Officer Daniel Pantaleo, saw a gun in his pocket.

Pantaleos partner, Officer Wenjian Liu, also saw a weapon.

When Pantaleomas partner saw the gun, they were confronted by Garner and he was placed into a choke hold.

Garner was eventually taken to the ground and the officers used the Taser.

Garner’s sister, Erica Garner, said the officers did not have a warrant.

Garner, 29, died in custody on April 17.

His death sparked protests around the country.

On Wednesday, the Times released a new video recording of the call.

It was released two days after the video, released by a different police department, was released by The New Yorker.

A representative for the NYPD could not be reached for comment.


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