Jai Jai Entertainment’s ‘Shaun The Sheep’ hits #1 on Amazon UK chart

Jai Jai Entertainment’s ‘Shaun The Sheep’ hits #1 on Amazon UK chart

Amazon UK’s #1 bestselling horror book, Shaun The Sheep, is the latest title to make the UK’s bestseller list, as Jai jai Entertainment released its debut full-length, Shaun.

The book’s first edition, which sold more than 30,000 copies in the first week of release, sold an additional 100,000 in just two days of sales.

The latest edition, on sale now for £8.99, sold a further 40,000 sales in the same week.

‘Shamelessly the Bestseller of 2016’ The book has also broken records on Amazon, selling more than 5 million copies worldwide.

The #1 bestseller of all time for UK comics was published by The Bloomsbury imprint.

‘I can’t believe that I am finally able to say that I’m #1 for the first time in my career,’ Jai said.

‘It’s truly a privilege.

It’s a great honour.

I’m delighted and humbled by the response.

I am a huge fan of the work of Shaun, and I’m thrilled that my fans will be able to enjoy his wonderful story in their own way.’

‘Shrouded in Mystery’ Shaun The Goat is published by JaiJai Entertainment.

The story follows a lonely, young boy who is haunted by a supernatural entity who is searching for his missing father.

Jaijai Entertainment said that the book’s success is due to a combination of the author’s ability to craft a supernatural tale and the fans’ devotion to it.

‘We’re incredibly lucky to have a fantastic fan base,’ said Jai.

‘They keep me grounded, they keep me focused, and they keep the world moving with the story.

‘Our work is really about the stories that we tell.

When I write, I don’t care if you like the book or not, if you love the book, you’ll enjoy it.’

Shaun is published in four languages.

It was first published in 2014, and has sold over 25 million copies in its first year on sale.

‘The bestseller story in our books’ is a genre in which the storyteller has to work very hard to be the most popular.

‘In the case of Shaun The Cat, we wanted to give people a great mystery, so we wanted the book to be a big hit and sell really well.

We wanted to be as big as The Beatles or even The Beatles themselves.

We knew that our book would have a big impact on the audience.

‘People are just going to be drawn to the story, and that’s why we try and write stories that are interesting and surprising.’

‘I really enjoyed writing the book’ Jai explained.

‘You don’t always have the time to sit down and do research.

When you’re a writer, you’re writing your story.

You can’t just sit there and wait to see what comes out of the story-teller.

‘My main motivation in writing this book was to make sure that I got the right kind of inspiration and the right type of story.

We got the perfect story.

People are going to love it, and we want to share it.

If you’re interested in it, we want you to be excited about it, because we’re very happy with it.

I can’t wait to share more of this wonderful story with the world.’

Jai also explained that the story is ‘an all-round thriller’ and that the author ‘didn’t want to do anything boring or repetitive.’

‘The most interesting thing about the story of Shaun is that he’s the most relatable character.

He’s a little boy who has a cat.

He has a dream.

He dreams of a happy family.

But the dream doesn’t come true.

Shaun is a lost boy who’s stuck in a world of his own making.

He doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t have any family, and he doesn and never will find his father.’

I don’t want readers to feel that they’re missing out on anything special, but we’re going to keep telling stories that will resonate with them, that they will enjoy, and hopefully we’ll be able keep making more of them.

‘As I said earlier, Shaun is the story about a lost child.

The cat is a story about loneliness.

Shaun The Hare is the tale about a family that lost their father.

I think that’s the key to the book.

We’re really excited to share this book with fans.

It has such a big world to explore.

It is going to go on for many, many years.’

‘My favourite book of 2016,’ said Sam Hill, creative director of Jai Studios.

‘There’s a big amount of things that we can learn from writing.

We can’t go into too much detail about the process, but I think one of the most important lessons is to let the story tell itself.

I like stories that go deep into their characters


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