The Globe and Mail’s new best publishing house guide

The Globe and Mail’s new best publishing house guide

Marfa House is one of the most celebrated Chinese publishing houses in Canada, and its newest book, The China Book, is the first to take readers on a journey to the Chinese literary scene.

The book is the brainchild of author Shih-Kai Huang, who has been on a mission since the publication of her book, A Journey Into The Heart of China, to find the true story behind the Chinese author’s work.

Her latest book is titled A Journey Through the Chinese Literature Scene.

It’s a collection of essays, stories and photographs from the Chinese literature scene that tells the story of the rise of Chinese writers in Canada.

“When I started writing this book, I was so excited about it, because I felt like I was doing something new.

I was writing about my experiences in a very personal way, and I was looking to the past and looking to things that I could relate to, like what happened to me,” said Huang.

“This book, my journey is not about me, but about a lot of people and about their journey, about their lives.

I wanted to tell their story.”

Huang, a native of China who is now based in Toronto, said the book was not about her, but her parents and their Chinese friends.

She said the story is not just about the stories, but also about the experiences of people who are Chinese.

“The whole book is about how the Chinese community has changed, but how that change has been shaped by the language, the culture, the history,” said she.

“It’s about the people, not just the books.”

Huang said the reason for the book is because she is a writer and a lover of literature, and she felt that the Chinese language and culture is the best way to tell her story.

She described her passion as a storyteller, and the book aims to capture what she calls “the life and times of a writer.”

The book, she said, “is not about writing; it’s about storytelling.”

The China book, which was co-written with Ching-Hua Lee, was published by Penguin Canada on Feb. 6, 2018.

The first edition was available in March 2018.

In its current form, the book has a total of 12 chapters and is divided into three parts.

The stories are told in chronological order, starting with Huang’s earliest stories, her experiences growing up in Vancouver, and her relationship with her mother and Chinese parents.

The rest of the book focuses on different aspects of the Chinese culture and history, from poetry to music to art to fashion, and on the impact of those influences on the Chinese people.

Huang said she wrote the book to tell stories about a culture that has endured for thousands of years, and it’s a story about how Canada’s literary scene has changed.

“I wanted to share this story in a way that was accessible to the whole country, and to reflect on how we have changed and evolved, and how that’s affected all of us,” she said.

“Because this story is my story, I want people to read it.

Because this story’s about me and my parents, I wanted it to be for all of the other writers, because that’s what it is about, and that’s how I want to tell my story.”

A Journey into the Heart of the China Book: A Journey through the Chinese Literary Scene is available for $9.99 from Penguin Canada, bookstores and Amazon.ca.

Huang says she was excited to share her story with Canadians, but she also wants to share the book with the world.

“As an author, I have to share my work.

It is part of my job, and my career, and you can’t just leave it out there to be forgotten,” she explained.

“That’s why I’ve chosen to share it.

People should read it, and maybe see their own experiences.

They should read and learn more about the Chinese world.”