Bower & Johns to launch new Green publishing house

Bower & Johns to launch new Green publishing house

Bower and Johns Publishing will be launching a new Green House publishing house in London, the publisher announced Thursday.

The company will operate from a space in the heart of the city’s financial district and will be the first major British publisher to be in the process of establishing an English office.

“We’re excited to welcome a new British publishing house to our family of brands and we look forward to the growth and success that this will bring to our global footprint,” said Mark Bower, founder and president of Bower House Publishing.

“This new company will bring a fresh perspective to our brand of publishing and is sure to provide great opportunities for our customers to enjoy the full range of B&J brands and services.

We are delighted to welcome them to our publishing family.”

The Green House is set to focus on “books of all genres,” Bower said, noting that its authors will also have access to the Bower brand.

The move comes at a time when publishers in the U.K. and Europe are grappling with the rapid expansion of digital books and the need to make money.

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