Why we’re no longer in a slump

Why we’re no longer in a slump

By Football Italian staff Writers of The Sunday Times have written about the impact of the August house rule changes and the fact that, in many cases, it’s not just the players that are affected.

It is the staff, too, who must contend with a lack of funds, with the new contracts being offered by their agents in a way that is more difficult to negotiate than those of a long-term agent.

The club’s accounts show a fall in the revenue from the domestic market in the six months to March, a drop of 3.7 percent, and an increase in the wages of the assistant coaches, as well as in other administrative costs.

But the fall in revenue is only a fraction of the fall.

The real story is that there are so many more players at the club, that the financial resources to pay them are reduced, the salary structure is changed, and the revenue is reduced even more.

That is a story that we have been writing for the last three or four years.

At the beginning of the season, the players were the only ones getting paid for their work, and it was the most profitable part of the business, and that has changed.

It has made it difficult for the football club to compete with other clubs.

For example, last year, we had two matches at the Camp Nou that were not at all profitable, but this year, there are four games, and a loss is being reported.

There is a problem in terms of the transfer market.

In the past, there was a certain amount of competition, but now it is very hard to compete because of the new rules.

In January, we were able to pay the new signings from the beginning, but we had to sell our players to buy other players.

I cannot even go through the details of what happened, because the club is already in the position that it is in.

This is a very important point, because it has to be understood that the clubs need money to pay their players.

This was a difficult decision for the president of the club.

He had the right to make this decision.

We were not asking for anything, but for the players to be able to buy the players they want.

This would have been an easy decision, but the new salary structures have changed things in the club’s financial situation.

When we bought the players, we gave them a fixed wage and guaranteed them a certain salary.

We didn’t have to buy them in, we could give them a new contract.

But with this new salary structure, it is possible to buy players from the start, with guaranteed salaries and guarantees.

We also could not buy players if we wanted to pay for them, because there is a rule that allows the club to sell players to other clubs, and to do that, we would have to pay €500,000 to the new club.

The new wage structure does not mean that the wages will go down.

There are players who earn more than €50,000 a year.

There also are players that earn more and pay a lot more than that.

When the salary is €50.000, we are in a situation that does not allow for the player to receive €500.000 a season, because we do not have the necessary financial resources.

The current situation has been very difficult, and we have to say that this has been a very difficult time for the club financially, because of all the problems that we were facing in January.

But it has also been a tough time financially, that is why the owners and the board have to take these decisions.

They are not easy decisions, but they are necessary decisions, because at the moment, the financial situation is very difficult.

The last two months have been extremely difficult for us.

I have been here for three years, and I am not going to stop.

The way we have approached the transfer business is the way we approach the club business, which has been difficult.

We are trying to manage the situation as best we can, and as long as the football is good, and everything is good for the future, we can manage this business.

It’s not like we have done nothing.

The fact that we are not in a position to continue this business is a consequence of all of the financial problems that have been presented by the new rule, and of all other factors that we do in this business, like a sale, a transfer, or a loan.

There has been no financial assistance, no money, no financial support from the clubs.

In addition, we have had a lot of issues, and now the financial aid that we received was limited, and they do not understand why.

This financial aid, which we did not get, has been the source of the problems, because, when we signed players, they did not have any financial support.

In other words, we signed a player, and then we paid the player €50 000, which is the amount we


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