Why it’s so hard to sell your book, according to a study

Why it’s so hard to sell your book, according to a study

The best way to sell a book is to make sure it’s not a flop.

That’s the advice of a new study by the University of California, Berkeley, and the publishing arm of the United Kingdom’s Penguin Group.

The authors examined the sales of more than 1,000 books published between 2001 and 2013, using the data from the National Book Index.

They found that sales of a book are often affected by how the book is marketed.

The most popular books for both sexes, both children and adults, are often marketed to younger readers and to readers with disabilities.

In other words, the books marketed to the children of the elderly are likely to sell well.

And the authors say that’s probably because of the marketing strategies employed by the authors.

What’s less clear, however, is whether books marketed for the disabled are also selling well.

They also found that there are many books marketed as children’s books marketed only to children and that the authors were not able to isolate the impact of marketing strategies on sales.

They hope their findings will inform future marketing campaigns.

The researchers found that the best-selling books of 2013, published in the U.S., were those published by women.

That suggests that, in the long run, women are selling books that are marketed more to men than women.

But, the authors warn, there are also books marketed specifically for children that may sell more well to women.

The study suggests that a book marketed to children might sell better to women than a book that is marketed to older readers.

The book of the month, by the way, is usually a boy’s book.

The same is true for children’s and adult books.

This study suggests the best way for a book to sell is to be marketed to a large audience of people with disabilities, especially those who are older and who may have a different type of disability.

This suggests that the marketing strategy that is most likely to help the sales is a focus on the audience that the book will appeal to.

What to expect when you sell a novel?

The authors of the study say that marketing strategies should be considered in addition to other factors, including how a book has been marketed, the age of the publisher, the nature of the book and the quality of the author’s writing.

For example, they suggest that it’s likely that younger children are more likely to be interested in the book because of marketing strategy.

For older readers, marketing strategy is important.

For adults, marketing is important for the marketing of children’s or adult books as well as for adults’ own books.

There is no way to know how the books are selling, because the data they collected is only available for the first two years of a novel’s existence.

But it’s possible that sales will drop as the book matures.

What else to know about marketing strategies and sales?

The study authors say marketing strategies are the biggest factor in how books sell.

But the authors do note that the impact is also influenced by the audience demographics.

The books they studied included children’s, children’s education, young adult and adult, teen, teen romance, young adults, adults and adult children’s.

They say that in the end, marketing to adults and young adults is the biggest driver of sales for children and adult-targeted books.

The findings are published in Psychological Science.