How ‘Criminal Minds’ writer wrote the biggest crime book of them all: ‘The Big Book’

How ‘Criminal Minds’ writer wrote the biggest crime book of them all: ‘The Big Book’

With a single title, this is the biggest book in the history of crime fiction.

That’s according to writer Matt Kindt, who is currently penning the sequel to The Big Book, with new material by Kevin Williamson and Dan Brown.

The Big Boy is being produced by Kindt’s new company, Kindt Media, and is set to hit shelves in January.

“I love writing the big book because it’s so different from the other books I’ve done,” Kindt told ABC News.

“I’ve been doing crime fiction for 40 years and the way I write crime fiction is different than the way other people write crime novels.”

The Big Boy will be Kindt Productions’ first book of fiction and Kindt said he was inspired by his childhood friend Dan Brown, who was a detective in the New York Police Department.

“He wrote a really good book called ‘The Serial Killer’ about the serial killer who’s killed so many people in New York City,” Kindts said.

“He was a guy that always wanted to be a detective.

He was always fascinated with crime and he was fascinated with the idea of doing detective work.

He had an enormous curiosity about it.”

In the Big Book Kindt will be joined by Williamson, who previously wrote the crime-themed thriller The Big Kill, and Brown, whose novels include The Man Who Killed The President and The Last Son Of Brooklyn.

The book is a sequel to the 2013 hit thriller The Killing.

The novel, which Kindt adapted from the novel by Kevin Powers, centers on a serial killer named Mark Lane who uses his notoriety to extort money from the families of his victims.

The Big Books also stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ben Feldman, Nick Offerman, Jodi Foster, Michael Shannon, Sarah Paulson, Michael Cera, and Sarah Hyland.

The series, which is being adapted for television by Lionsgate, premieres on HBO on January 9.ABC News’ Kate Fagan contributed to this report.