When The Book Brought Back The New Yorker’s Peter Fonda

When The Book Brought Back The New Yorker’s Peter Fonda

By PETER FONDAAssociated Press (AP)Peter Fonda will soon return to the New Yorker after nearly 20 years as the magazine’s publisher, the publisher confirmed on Thursday.

Fonda, the author of the “New York Trilogy” books that made him a household name and who has written numerous novels, will begin a new project with the publisher called “The New Yorker Book Series” in 2017, publisher Scribner announced.

Fonda’s new book is called “Mama’s Book,” and he said it will be a collection of short stories set in the family’s New York City neighborhood.

The book will be published by Scribner, and it will feature stories that have appeared in the magazine in the past.

Fondas new project will focus on the book-reading habits of a younger generation, according to Scribner.

Fondas first memoir, “Momma’s Book” was published in 2015.

He will also be publishing the second book in the series, titled “Fondum: The Book That Made Me Famous.”

Fonda’s new project is also likely to focus on topics that were of particular interest to him in the days of the book, said Peter D. Smith, executive editor of the New York Review of Books.

Smith told The Associated Press Fonda would be publishing a biography of Fondum.

He said the book is planned to be a kind of mini-biography of Fonda’s life, in which he will be interviewed by the writer himself.

Smith said the author plans to work with his son and daughters, who will also join the book series.

Smith told the AP that Fonda, who has three children, will be focusing on stories about family and friendship, and he plans to bring back Fondums iconic cover for his book.

Smith said Fonda plans to include stories in the book about his father, but it will also include stories about his mother.

Fonds new book will focus largely on his childhood and the time he spent with his family in New York, said Smith.

The title of the series is “My Mother’s Book.”

Smith said Fondes family in Brooklyn was a close-knit family with strong ties to the area.

Fondo is survived by his wife, Jane, his sons Anthony and Peter, and daughter Emily.

The Associated American Press does not have further details on Fonda’s funeral.

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