What the heck is Prestwick House Publishing House?

What the heck is Prestwick House Publishing House?

This week on TechCrunch, we’re looking at how a publishing house like Prestwick’s gets a publishing license.

Prestwick is the first publishing house in the US to get a publishing deal with Wilco.

Wilcos first US publisher, Penguin, was acquired by Penguin in 2017 for $3.8 billion, and Wilcopown is a subsidiary of WILCO.

We also know that Wilcox is working on a publishing venture called Wistia, which is also publishing Penguin.

The company’s founders, Scott Dolan and Paul Ruggieri, are working to establish a publishing service in North America.

Prestwick houses publishing in both ebook and print, and will sell its ebook services directly to publishers.

They plan to build an online marketplace that includes services for Kindle, Kindle e-readers, Apple TV, Android devices, and more.

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Next week we’ll have the full scoop on Wisti, Wistias new service.

Until then, we’ll be back with our review of Wistiac.