Jai publishing houses ‘biggest’ publisher is not a publisher, says Bick publisher

Jai publishing houses ‘biggest’ publisher is not a publisher, says Bick publisher

The big publishers are no longer publishing books in India.

The biggest publishers, Jai Publishing House and Bick Publishing House, said in a statement on Wednesday that they were “deeply saddened” by the incident and would no longer be publishing in India and would work to improve its practices.

Bick had announced plans to start a digital publishing business in India in May and had partnered with a Delhi-based startup called Kunal Publishers to develop a platform for publishing books digitally.

However, the company said on Wednesday it was unable to expand its business due to “unforeseen reasons”.

“We are deeply saddened to see such a situation happening at the heart of our family, the Bick family, and our Indian readership.

We will not publish our books in the country of our birth,” the company tweeted.

The Bick publishing houses statement said they would work with other Indian publishers to launch new books.

It added that it is committed to publishing in the “best Indian formats”. 

“We also want to emphasize that we are proud of the efforts of our readership to help us out in our fight against the corruption, corruption, and fraud,” the statement said. 

Bick has been working with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan to launch a digital edition of its books since February. 

“The Bikram Kalyan, a major publisher in India, announced that it was going to start selling books in English in October, but it has been delayed and we have not received any word from them.

Our books have been made available on the online platform Kunal, but we have no further updates.

We would like to reiterate our deep regret that we have been unable to launch our books,” the publisher said.

Bikram’s statement added that the company “has been working hard to provide a digital experience to our readers” and that it would be updating its website with new titles as soon as possible.

“It is unfortunate that our publishers are unable to release their books in Indian market because they are not able to provide the quality of service that they deserve,” the publishing house said.

“The situation is serious and we wish to offer our condolences to the people affected by the incidents.” 

Jai Publishing has also suspended publishing in Delhi.