Why the publishing house that’s suing the Pentagon is suing the military

Why the publishing house that’s suing the Pentagon is suing the military

In a court filing Wednesday, the publishing company that owns the U.S. military’s biggest imprint, Sibs, is accusing the Pentagon of misappropriating $2.5 billion from a fund it created to buy up books for the military’s elite officers.

The lawsuit accuses the Pentagon and a group of military officers of misleading the public about how much money was set aside for the book buying program and the resulting profits.

The suit was filed by Sibbs Publishing House, which also owns the imprint of the New York Times.

In a statement, SIBS said it “takes this lawsuit seriously and is confident the court will find that the Defendants, under the direction and guidance of the Pentagon, violated the First Amendment rights of the Sibns and are not entitled to their property.”

The suit names the Defense Department, the Defense Acquisition Executive, and the Office of the Undersecretary for Acquisition and Technology, as defendants.

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In October, the SIBs lawsuit was dismissed on the grounds that the First and Fifth Amendment rights protected by the First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments apply to Sibers Publishing House’s lawsuit.

The first, Fifth, and Fourth Amendments protect speech protected by free speech, the complaint said.

The Fifth Amendment is meant to prevent the government from preventing the free exercise of the free speech rights of others.

The Sibys lawsuit also accuses the DOD of violating its own policies, including policies on information sharing and contracting, on how to handle classified information.

The lawsuits comes after the Siburts and SIB’s lawsuit led to a series of meetings between the DOD and the publishing houses.

The new lawsuit comes in the wake of President Donald Trump’s administration pushing to privatize the military, which has been criticized for its record on hiring and firing, and cutting funding for education and other civilian services.

The publishing houses, which publish more than 4,000 titles, are among a growing number of publishers seeking to privatise the military.

Trump announced a $1 trillion military-to-consumer program earlier this year.

It is still being finalized, but the Pentagon has said the program would be available to anyone in the country with a qualifying military affiliation.

In addition to the book sales lawsuit, Siburms also filed a class action lawsuit in New York state in September against the Pentagon over its plan to sell a book on the Holocaust to a high school in the Bronx.

The book, The Secret Holocaust, was purchased by the Siblens in December 2016.

It was released this month by publisher Random House.

The military has said it will not be using the book for any official purposes.

Sibss lawyers say the book, which the publisher says is “a true account of events,” was intended for the children of military personnel who are studying at the Bronx High School.

They also say the company’s book was published by an independent publisher, and that Siblans did not receive royalties for its sale.

The Defense Department has declined to comment on the lawsuit.

In September, a federal judge ordered the Pentagon to make a decision on whether to pursue an auction for the SBLens’ book.

The bidding on the book has been delayed until the end of the year, but it is expected to be released by the end to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The New York attorney general’s office said last week that it had filed a lawsuit against the book publisher, but that it was reviewing the case.

In April, the Pentagon issued a statement that it “will not make any decisions on whether a book that has been widely praised by historians and scholars will be published.”

The Pentagon’s press secretary, Col. John Kirby, declined to discuss the lawsuit, saying the department would not comment on pending litigation.


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