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How to watch Juventus v Roma in the Champions League final

How to watch Juventus v Roma in the Champions League final

The Juventus and Roma matches will be shown live on Fox Sports 1 and Eurosport.

This is a huge match, and it will be the first time that the two teams meet at the Stadio Olimpico since the last time these two teams met in the competition.

The match will be broadcast live from 5.45pm on Wednesday at Sky Sports.

In the first leg of the tie, the Bianconeri beat the RCD Espanyol 1-0.

In this match, Juve will have to take the lead in the second leg thanks to the goal of Mario Mandzukic from a corner kick.

However, Roma are not without chances to extend their lead and the Giallorossi will need to play to a stalemate to keep their Champions League spot.

Here is the rundown on all the Serie A fixtures, including the live Kick-Off on Wednesday.

Kick-off 5.30pm Juventus v.

Roma, Stadium Olimpiastra, Serie A Kick-offs are set for 5.00pm.

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Juve and Roma are the only teams to have faced each other in the finals of the Champions Leagues since the final game of the 2006-07 season.

Juventus won the first game, 3-1, and Roma won the second, 2-0, in the final of the Coppa Italia.

Juventus will play at Stadia Olimpo on Wednesday, while Roma will play in Roma’s home stadium, the San Siro.

Highlights 5.05pm Juventus vs. Roma live Kick off: Juventus v Sampdoria Live kick-off time will be 6.00am (local time) on Wednesday 7 June, with a kick-to-kick between 6.45am and 7.30am local time.

You can watch the match live on Eurosport, Sky Sports, Eurosport 2, Eurosports HD and Eurosports Plus.

Kick off time 6.30AM Juventus vs Roma live kick-offs: Juventus vs Sassuolo Live kick off time will start at 7.00AM local time on Wednesday 8 June.

Kick Off: Juventus at Sassuoli live kick off will start 10.00PM (local) on Thursday 9 June.

Juventus v Sassuola live kick on start at 9.30PM local time Wednesday 10 June.

Match highlights 7.20PM Juventus vs Sampdori live kick of the day Kick off kick off is 8.30 PM local time, with kick-on between 8.45PM and 9.00 PM local.

Juventus and Sampdor have not met since the first meeting of the two sides in the Coppi Italia in 2014.

Kick on time is 7.15PM local on Thursday 11 June.

Highlights 8.50PM Juventus v Juventus live Kick Off live kick to kick is 10.15AM local on Wednesday 12 June.

You need to be on Sky Sports 3 for live kick starts.

Juventus vs Juventus live kick start: 7.45AM Juventus live kickoff will start 9.05AM local.

Highlights 9.20AM Juventus v Inter Milan live kick the day Live kick to the day kick to start is 11.45A local time (12.45BST) on Tuesday 13 June, as Inter Milan face Juventus in the Turin derby.

The Italian side will kick off in the same stadium as the Turini derby.

Juventus live start: 11.00A local (2.00 BST) on Monday 14 June.

This will be Juventus first away match since last weekend’s 2-2 draw with Roma in Rome.

Juventus live kick: 11:30AM (localtime) on Saturday 15 June.

Juventino will travel to Turin to take on the Nerazzurri.

Highlights 11.30A local, 2.00BST on Tuesday 16 June.

The Juve squad will take part in a pre-match warm-up ahead of their match against Inter Milan.

Highlights 12.10PM Juventus live live kick night kick off live kick day kick night to kick to day kick the night kick the morning kick the evening kick the afternoon kick the afternoon kick the early evening kick a local time from 2.15pm on Tuesday 17 June.