Penguin House is a publisher, not a publisher-in-chief

Penguin House is a publisher, not a publisher-in-chief

A new publishing house has launched in Dublin with a new focus on online and social media.

The Penguin House Group, which has over 1,500 publishers, said it wanted to bring together the best of the best in publishing, including digital publishing, print and video to create a world-class publishing business.

Online publisher The Penguin Group, based in Dublin, has set up a publishing house in Dublin to provide “innovative and innovative content for readers”.

The group has been publishing titles online for more than 10 years and its new Dublin office is based on the premises of a historic Dublin pub, The Stoney Street.

“We’ve made an important decision in the last 12 months to build on the existing structure in Dublin as we build our digital strategy, and that will include the launch of a new online publishing house,” said Stephen Hickey, chief executive of Penguin House.

“The Penguin house is about publishing excellence and delivering quality content to readers, which is what this new publishing company aims to do.”

The company’s online platform has been used to publish titles by award-winning authors including Michael Connolly, Paul Desmond, Kate Elliott and more.

“It has been great fun to collaborate with The Penguin house to bring our work to the digital platform,” said Mr Hickey.

“I think it’s important that we don’t shy away from creating content that’s relevant to our readers and our audiences, and also deliver a great experience for our customers.”

The new publishing firm will operate out of a space at The St. Patrick’s Church in Dublin’s city centre, which was designed in the 1890s.

The company will also publish its titles in English and German, in addition to its native Irish and Spanish.

The group’s new publishing venture will include digital content including video, radio, print, music, books and more, and will focus on digital publishing with a focus on social media and the social web.

Mr Hickey said the group wanted to build a publishing platform that was focused on “innovation and the innovation of publishers” as well as its customers.

The organisation will also be publishing titles in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, which are both widely spoken in Ireland.

“The world has changed and we have a global audience,” said John Kelly, president and chief executive officer of Penguin.

“We’re going to be focussing on bringing our brand of publishing to an audience across the world.”

In January, Penguin announced it would be publishing a new version of its books on the web and the group said it would also be launching a publishing centre in the UK.

The publishing company said it had been in discussions with The New York Times, USA Today and Vice, as well with the publishers of The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and the Guardian.

The New York publisher is a subsidiary of the New York Public Library.

The new Penguin House was founded by Mr Hynes and Michael Connollys sons, Stephen and Peter.

“When we founded The Penguin House in 2001, we wanted to create an organisation that would offer a global voice for our publishing and digital communities,” Mr Hysons said.

“As we have expanded, the platform has grown and grown and we are now in a position to provide a unique publishing platform for a range of publishers.”

This new publishing office in Dublin is the latest step in our ongoing journey to create this extraordinary publishing business.


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