Why Trump’s feud with the GOP won’t be a distraction

Why Trump’s feud with the GOP won’t be a distraction

The president is still a popular figure in his home state of Ohio, but Republican governors in the state are increasingly unhappy with the president and his administration, according to an analysis of state voter turnout.

The Trump administration has taken a hardline stance against the state’s Republican governor, John Kasich, and his attempts to repeal a law that required a $1,000 surcharge on every voter ID bill passed in the past two years.

Trump’s office and Kasich’s office have also clashed over whether the state should get $5 billion in aid for a highway project, the latest in a series of issues that have dogged Kasich’s administration.

The president has been in a feud with Ohio Gov.

John Kasich for a number of years.

He has taken heat for not signing a $15 minimum wage into law, and he has repeatedly attacked Kasich over his role in the 2016 election.

In February, Kasich called Trump a “clown” who should resign over the election results.

Trump has long called Kasich a “loser” for not enacting a $5 minimum wage in Ohio, and Kasich has taken the president to task over the president’s rhetoric about the governor.

Trump and Kasich have both criticized each other’s actions in the governor’s home state, calling it “outrageous” that the president has not signed a minimum wage bill into law.

Kasich said Tuesday he will not sign the bill.

Trump called Kasich “an incompetent clown.”

Trump, who has criticized the Ohio governor for not taking action to protect the state from the opioid crisis, called Kasich’s comments a “dumb move” on Tuesday.

The White House has said it was still trying to figure out how to respond to Kasich’s actions.

Kasich has said the president should have gone after the opioid epidemic before it began.


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