Hunter House publishes new ‘The Last Hunt’ book

Hunter House publishes new ‘The Last Hunt’ book

Hunter House Publishing has released the first volume of its new book series, The Last Hunt.

The new series of six books is set in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings.

Each volume is comprised of four stories, and features a different setting.

Hunter House describes the book as a “historical drama.”

The first book in the series, “The Last Hunting,” is set during the Battle for Hastings.

It follows a man named William and his wife who are heading to Ireland to retrieve an ancient sword.

After some initial confusion, the pair find a lost medieval manuscript of an epic poem called “The Hunt.”

As they prepare to leave, William’s wife tells him the manuscript was given to her by the legendary King Arthur.

William then tells the tale of his ancestors, and how he and his friends fought off a horde of Vikings in a war that lasted nearly 200 years.

The Hunt is written in the first person by William.

The next two books, “Dawn of a New Age” and “The Man and the Sword,” follow William and the men of his company as they travel the country, uncovering new clues about the origins of the legendary sword.

“The Sword” features an epic story set in an English village where William’s father, King Arthur, is hiding out.

The two books are set in a Scottish castle, and “Dusk,” a story set between the Wars of the Roses and the Norman Conquest, is set on a battlefield in France.

“Doomed by the Gods” features a story in the English countryside, set in 13th century England, where a great evil threatens to consume the world.

Both books feature a new setting in Ireland and the “Last Hunt” will feature a unique narrative, setting and setting mythology that will bring the reader back to the Battle at Hastings.

“We’ve written a new series that will take you to the most famous battles of the British Empire,” said Hunter House publisher, Peter White.

“And it’s set in these locations where there are stories to tell.”

The books were created by a team of writers including Michael Dickey, the author of The Great Game, and Nick Lidze, the co-writer of the popular fantasy series “Dragonlance.”

The story line will take place in the early 1700s in a remote Irish village.

Each story takes place in a different town in Ireland, and the characters will live out their lives as they see fit.

The novels will be published by a company that was formed by White and the other authors.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for Peter and his team,” White said.

“They’ve done an amazing job.

It’s really great to be working with them.”

The Last Hunting is set to be released by the end of the year.

It will be available in paperback, trade paperback, audiobook and digital download.

Hunter has not released any information on what the story will focus on, but the title will hint at the title.

“It’s going to be the last hunt,” White explained.

“A hunt for something that never happened.

This time the hunt has come to the end.”