How to publish a book from a buzzingstock publisher

How to publish a book from a buzzingstock publisher

Bowerhouse Publishing house has published two books from a new startup called Buzzingstock.

The startup was founded by two professors and a former academic from the University of Washington, and it was originally set up to let people publish their books using buzzers.

But it was later expanded to allow publishers to make money off the buzzers and then distribute the money directly to book buyers.

The founders also had some success with their first book, The Quixotic Life of the Quixotik, which was the bestselling book on Buzzingstocks in February. 

Bowerhouse was founded in 2017 and is based in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue. 

The two founders have said that they are hoping to expand the startup to a wider audience, including students and the homeless. 

“Bower House Publishing is looking for a publisher who wants to expand their reach to the homeless and to people who may not be familiar with BuzzingStock’s products or who don’t know about Buzzing Stock’s business model,” Buzzing stock’s founder, Daniel Zuckerman, wrote on

“For this reason, we want to reach out to students and homeless people, and to provide them with a platform to share their thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics.”

The books, The Misdirection of the World, and The Misfortunes of the Human Spirit, were released in the first week of January. 

In addition to the books, Buzzing stocks are currently offering free access to Buzzer Stock’s e-book format, and the startup has plans to offer access to more Buzzerstock products in the future. 

Buzzingstock was launched in January.