Bookseller’s Weekly Top Ten Best Books of 2018

Bookseller’s Weekly Top Ten Best Books of 2018

In a year filled with literary gems, here’s the bookseller’s weekly list of the best books of 2018.


The Book Thief by James Patterson (HarperCollins, $26.99) Patterson’s new novel follows the lives of four brothers in an impoverished Appalachian town as they struggle to find and maintain a small bookstore in a post-Civil War town.

The brothers—one a former newspaper boy and the other a struggling musician—travel the country, befriending strangers, finding work, and selling books to raise money for their small bookstore.

It’s a book that’s both tender and poignant, one that shows how much we need to put ourselves out there and how much it takes to be alive.


The Best of the Rest: Stories by Kate Millett (Simon & Schuster, $19.99).

The best of the rest: stories.

Millett’s collection is packed with essays, interviews, and a collection of stories that will keep you reading.


A Tale of Two Cities by Kate Austen (Bloomsbury, $17.99), the third novel in the A Tale Of Two Cities series.

Austen’s second novel, A Tale In The Family, is the best-selling debut novel of 2018, and her second novel is a classic.


The Way We Got by Anna E. Smith (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $29.99): Smith’s debut novel is about a family living in rural Alabama when a storm hits and the entire community is left in ruins.

The book follows the life of a young mother whose husband is murdered and the survivors of the disaster try to rebuild.

Smith also wrote the novel That’s My Girl and The Windup Girl, which are both in the bestseller lists.


The Year of the Dragon by Anne Rice (Hachette, $25.00) Rice’s second book, a historical novel about the rise and fall of medieval Europe, is an epic.

Rice also writes historical fiction, and it’s a powerful story with multiple layers.


The House on the Hill by Elizabeth Bishop (Simon and Schuster: Penguin, $27.99); the first of four books from the series The House On The Hill.

Bishop’s first book is a love story that begins with an affair and goes on to uncover a family history that goes back thousands of years.


The Golden Child by Kate Atkinson (Bloeom Books, $20.00); Atkinson’s first novel, a history of England in the 1700s, is a masterwork of narrative.

Atkinson writes a gorgeous, moving novel.


The Longest Day by Joanna Russ (Random House, $15.00), the first novel in a series of eight books from Russ’s new book.

Russ’s first five books are about the lives and times of people who have lived through great tragedies, including her own mother, a woman who lost her husband, a young boy who lost his mother, and two sisters whose parents were murdered.


The Unfinished Book by Margaret Atwood (Knopf, $23.99; Amazon) Atwood’s first collection, The Undone Book, was a bestseller.

Her second book is the story of a woman trying to find her way back to her home after her mother died and her father was murdered.


The Man in the Iron Mask by John Steinbeck (Random, $18.99, Amazon) Steinbeck’s first two novels, The Blue Mountain House and The Great Gatsby, are among his best-sellers.


The Old Lady by Jo Walton (Random) Walton’s first three novels, and the novel that began the series, are about a woman and her husband who come to live in a country house.


The Night of the Hunter by J.K. Rowling (Rowling’s, $24.99)— Rowling’s first six books, which range from the short stories The Tales of Beowulf to the epic novel The Sorcerer’s Stone, are set in a world in which people are hunter-gatherers.


The Song of the Wolf by Sarah Waters (Simon, $22.99)– Waters’s first four books, The Wolf Man, The Long Road, and The Wolf Woman, are a collection that takes readers on an odyssey of romance, crime, and adventure.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Kate Chopin (Knp.

Press, $16.99 and Amazon) Chopin’s debut book is set in the world of fantasy novels.

Chopin is the first female author to write a non-fiction book about a major historical event, and she is one of the first women to write an adult novel.


The Road to The West by João Pessoa (Harvill Secker, $12.99– Amazon) P


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