Why the Duke Publishing House Is Killing Cambridge House’s Book Publishing business

Why the Duke Publishing House Is Killing Cambridge House’s Book Publishing business

The Cambridge House publishing house has been under pressure to sell its business to the Cambridge publishing house since the Cambridge House was acquired by Duke Publishing last year.

Duke Publishing owns the Cambridge house.

A Duke spokeswoman told Newsweek the company has no plans to close the Cambridgehouse publishing house.

The spokeswoman said the CambridgeHouse publishing house is “a major provider of academic publishing.”

The Cambridge House has been publishing academic books since 2005, but it has struggled with declining sales.

The publisher has been unable to compete with Amazon, and Cambridge House lost more than a quarter of its revenue in the third quarter.

Duke also has been struggling with declining book sales, with the publisher losing a record $14.3 million in the quarter, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to a report published in The Washington Post in January, the Cambridge publisher is under pressure from the Cambridge Publishing House to close down.

The report cited sources close to the company as saying the Cambridge publishers have been negotiating for nearly a year.

In February, a new Duke publishing house called the Cambridge University Press bought Cambridge House.

The Cambridge University House was founded in 1975 by the publishing house’s founder, J.W. Larkin, with a $25 million infusion from Duke.

Larkin, a former president of the New England Historical Society, bought the Cambridge property for $1.9 million in 1992.

In 1996, Larkin purchased the Cambridge, Mass., house, and it remained part of the publishing company until 2000, when it was purchased by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for $6.2 million.

The purchase price for the Cambridge and Cambridge Houses was $12 million, but the purchase price has increased in recent years, with both houses having seen their sales increase in recent months.

The two houses published their first book together in 2005.

The Cambridge Publishing houses publishing houses also have been under intense pressure to close, and a source close to them said the publishers are also under pressure.

The book publishing houses are also looking for other ways to survive, according the source.

According the Boston Globe, the publisher of the Cambridge Public Library is trying to sell the Cambridge Book Company to an investor group.

The Boston Globe also reported that a new publisher of literary journals is also looking to sell.

The book publishing house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has been the target of a series of lawsuits, including a $1 million defamation suit filed by a former employee against the publisher.


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