Which publishing house is the worst in Ireland?

Which publishing house is the worst in Ireland?

Dublin publishing house Fortress publishing house has been the subject of an Irish media storm in recent weeks after its flagship title, The Irish Times, was criticised by many Irish journalists and the Irish media for its “sick” content.

The Irish Press Association (IPSA) said Fortress “had a track record of promoting anti-Semitic and racist views” and “was known to the authorities for its extreme anti-Semitism and anti-Irish attitudes”.

It also called for Fortress’ management to resign.

“Fortress publishes racist, anti-Jewish and anti Irish content and is responsible for perpetuating a culture of hatred and bigotry that is not only damaging to the community and its journalists, but also the wider public,” IPSA said.

“In light of this, the IPSA calls on Fortress to immediately cease publishing content that the organisation’s staff have deemed to be racist, offensive, or insulting, and to take urgent action to remove these publications from the website.”

The IPSA has also called on Fortress CEO Martin McGuinness to resign from the organisation.

“We call on Mr McGuinness and Fortress to take immediate action to suspend Fortress Publishing House from the Irish Times and the European Press Council,” the organisation said.

The controversy comes after a number of Irish media outlets criticised the publication’s handling of a story on the Jewish community in Ireland, including the Irish Examiner, Irish Times Online and Irish Independent.

“It is not a secret that Fortress publishes anti- Jewish, anti Irish and anti Jewish material and has been found to be in breach of Irish laws on anti-discrimination and hate speech,” said IPSA executive director David Fitzgerald.

“The Irish media must do better, not just at the Irish press but across the entire publishing industry.

This is unacceptable behaviour and we call on the Irish public to reject Fortress and its leaders from any future role in Ireland.”

According to the Irish Press Assoc, Fortress Publishing has published some 10,000 articles in Ireland since it opened in 2009, with over 4,000 being from Irish media.

A spokesperson for Fortress Publishing said the organisation was “not commenting at this time”.

“We are pleased to announce that Fortress Publishing will cease publication of The Irish, and its online version, The Independent on Sunday, at the end of June, with the Irish editions to follow shortly thereafter,” the spokesperson said.

A spokeswoman for the Irish Independent said: “The Independent is publishing a story about the Holocaust.

It will not be running at Fortress Publishing house and the article will not appear on the website, nor will any other stories or images appearing on the site.”

Fortress Publishing, which owns more than 1,300 titles in Ireland and the UK, said it would not comment further.

“I would be delighted to comment further if asked, but there are no further comment at this stage,” the statement said.