A review of Random House’s new book, The End of the World

A review of Random House’s new book, The End of the World

Time magazine has released a scathing review of the new book by Random House, “The End of The World,” which it describes as “a depressing read” and “unnecessary reading.”

The New York Times called it “a thoroughly depressing read,” saying it had no real plot or meaning and did little to make its point.

But the Times’ Philip Bumpf called it a “wonderfully thoughtful and thought-provoking book.”

The book, which was written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Mitchell and published by Random Book, was published on Thursday.

Mitchell told TIME that he was inspired to write the book after reading an essay by a former British prime minister called “We Must Not Be Too Much of a Supremacist.”

“We must not be too much of a xenophobic, right-wing, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, Islamophobia, anti-Semitic, Islamaphobic, Islamophobe, nationalist, nationalist nationalist-minded, right wing nationalist, xenophobic nationalist, Islamophobiast,” Mitchell wrote.

“And if we are, then we must not go too far into that, because the next time, we are in trouble.”

He went on to say, “And this is not just about me.

This is about all of us.

This book is a warning, a warning that we cannot turn a blind eye to the rise of an ideology of hatred, which is a dangerous and frightening ideology.”

Mitchell also said that while he was writing the book, he was approached by the U.K. government.

Mitchell said he had no idea about the meeting, but added that he hoped that Mitchell would speak out against Islamophobia.

“I am a Christian and I believe in the free exercise of religion, I believe that all religions are welcome here,” Mitchell said.

“But I do not believe that people who think in ways that are incompatible with that should be able to have any kind of status in this country.

And this is why I have always believed in a secular democracy.

And I am a proud American.”

Mitchel also said in the book that he wanted to raise awareness about racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia and that he believed he had done that by telling people that he is a Christian.

“It was really a revelation,” Mitchell told Time.

“I am no longer just a British writer.

I am an American writer, an American author.”

The review comes after a petition calling for the book to be pulled garnered nearly 20,000 signatures on Change.org, the online petition platform.

Mitchell has written many books including “The Last of Us” and, most recently, “Pilgrim.”

He has also written about his life and writing and his recent book, “I Am Not A Christian.”

Mitchen is the author of “The Biggest Loser,” which was published in 2013 and “The Fault in Our Stars,” which is currently in the middle of production.


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