Book ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ set to hit shelves in India and the US – CNN Money

Book ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ set to hit shelves in India and the US – CNN Money

India has the biggest publishing industry in the world, but many booksellers say it is struggling to meet demand.

The Indian publishing industry has been hit hard by a flood of books published in 2017.

And it has been blamed for not adequately protecting authors and publishers.

But the new book “A Tale Of Two Cities,” set to be published this month in India, is hoping to change that.

It is an original story set in a fictional city in India.

“There is a very large demand for this kind of book, it’s very popular in the region,” says Gaurav Nair, founder of the bookseller magazine The Indian Bookseller.

“It’s the biggest seller in the country, and there’s been a lot of hype and a lot going on.”

Nair says the book is being sold at bookstores, but not online.

He says he thinks there are some issues with the logistics of publishing a book in India — especially as booksells are closed during the monsoon season.

“You can’t publish a book if you can’t open the shop,” he says.

Nair said his company has a good track record in selling books to bookstores.

But it is a challenging business to do, and books that have sold poorly can cause problems in the supply chain.

“It’s really challenging for the book industry,” Nair says.

“They have to be very patient in getting booksellership into the bookstores and getting bookstores into the books.”

India is the country with the largest number of bookstores in the entire world.

And the country has also one of the highest book publishing demand volumes.

Nair believes it has a lot to gain from India’s book publishing industry.

“The Indian Booksellers Association, as a group, have been trying to establish the best practices in publishing books in India,” Nairs says.

But he also acknowledges there are challenges in the business.

“The logistics of it are a little bit challenging,” he explains.

“But the book market in India is very fragmented.

There are some bookstores but there are many bookstores that are closed in the middle of the year, and they are still selling books.”

Nairs says the company will start with a small print run and expand the book in stages over the coming months.