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DC Publishing Houses to Close in 2017

DC Publishing Houses to Close in 2017

DC Publishing houses DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Entertainment have announced plans to close their publishing operations in 2017.

“The decision to close our publishing operations was made based on our recent business performance, as well as the ongoing challenges that are facing the publishing industry, and our long-term financial outlook,” DC Publishing, Warner Bros., and Vertigo announced in a joint statement on Monday.

The DC publishing houses DC, Vertigo, Boom, DC Entertainment, and Vertix will shutter their publishing offices in 2017, following the publication of DC’s latest graphic novel “The New 52” that was released last November.

Vertigo was one of DC Entertainment’s flagship publishing houses in the mid-2000s, which published a number of superhero and fantasy books including “Batman: Year One” and “Batman.”

The company went through a series of relaunches in the early 2020s, including relaunching in the summer of 2021 and relaunched in 2021.

Vertigo also published a Batman comic book in 2017 before it was axed in 2019.

In a separate statement, DC Comics announced that it would end its relationship with publisher Dynamite Entertainment, which it had acquired in 2017 for $8.9 billion.

Dynamite, which also publishes “The Batman” comic book, will also cease publishing “Superman: The Animated Series” and will transition to a new publisher.

In the announcement, DC Publishing said that “continuing to support our current business model has proven to be a successful strategy for us and for our customers.

The business model is working for us as we continue to deliver award-winning comics and other creative experiences that continue to draw readers, while also delivering on the promise of DC and DC Entertainment to deliver new exciting stories and characters for years to come.””

In order to continue the success of the DCU, we will no longer be publishing DC properties.

This transition will be completed in 2017 and we are grateful to our customers and fans for their support throughout this process,” the DC Publishing statement said.