WASHINGTON — Wiley Publishing House, which includes the New York Times, HarperCollins, Harper Collins Publishers and Penguin Group, has released “The Rounding Star,” a new paperback novel by M.J. Coetzee that was recently picked up by the National Book Award, the publisher announced Wednesday.

Cooley is a member of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team of authors who won a total of 23 National Book Awards and three Pulitzer Prizes in 2016.

Cohee, who is also a former New York City mayor, has worked with such luminaries as David Remnick, Robert Ballhaus and Michael Moore, among others, on books such as “Marry Me,” “The End of the Tour” and “The Life of Ivan Denisovich.”

He is the author of the New Yorker bestseller “The Last Days of the Old Regime.”

“The Roundings Star” is co-authored by co-author M. J. Coezee and Michael S. McBride, a former staff writer for the Times.

Cohecettes first novel, “The Book of the Year,” is set in the era following World War II, and it follows a young woman named Rachel as she begins her first marriage and raises her family.

The novel is available in bookstores and online on May 10.

The roundings star begins as the title suggests, with Rachel, a young journalist, and her husband, a military man, living a normal life.

Then a mysterious man comes to their door and threatens Rachel and her family with the possibility of the loss of their lives if they don’t return to their barracks and go home to their families.

The story is set on the eve of the end of the First World War, but is actually the first of the world’s wars, and the story unfolds through Rachel’s eyes.

It is an extraordinary story of the transformation of ordinary people from their lives in the barracks to their lives as soldiers.

Cooley has worked on books that have been nominated for the National Medal of Arts, including the Pulitzer, the Caldecott Medal, the John W. Campbell Award and the PEN/Kerry Medal.

The award, which Cohee won in 2018, honors the contributions of the nation’s top literary, artistic and educational writers to our nation’s history and culture.

In “The Rounding Star,” Cooley follows the life of Rachel as a woman of extraordinary courage, resilience and resilience, who learns to be more than the sum of her physical and mental strength.

In the book, Rachel becomes a powerful figure in the American consciousness.

The book also focuses on the changing times in our country, which continues to confront the need for a better understanding of how people live with and learn from one another.

Cohee is the recipient of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

“The Story of Rachel” was also nominated for a PEN Award for best novel, which he won in 2016, for “The War on Drugs,” the story of a young man who lives a double life, who has an extraordinary life, but who becomes a prisoner of the drug culture, and who, in the end, is caught in a prison of his own making.

The film “The Road to Redemption,” which won an Oscar for best documentary in 2017, is also available in cinemas on May 8.

Cohei and McBride also won the PENS/Kirkus Humanitarian Award for their contributions to American literature, in 2018.


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