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‘We are at the height of our powers’: Netherlands goes all out to support Sibs

‘We are at the height of our powers’: Netherlands goes all out to support Sibs

Amsterdam, Netherlands (AP) As Europe grapples with the crisis in Greece, Amsterdam is taking a more aggressive stance to help its biggest book publisher.

Sibs published by Dutch publisher Sibco has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Dutch publisher to help it recover the manuscript of a novel by its most famous author, a major breakthrough for the publishing house.

The deal with the publishers’ international publishing arm, Pinnacle Press, was reached on Friday after months of talks.

It gives Sibskis “the right to make all necessary changes” to the manuscript, which is the work of the late author Rudolfo Varela, according to a statement from Sibso.

The publisher says the deal includes the right to retain rights to the book and “to revise and adapt the manuscript in accordance with our copyright policy and with the rules of the European Union.”

The deal follows an agreement between Sibsa and SBN Group, the publishing arm of Sibos parent, Sibson Group.

In a statement, SBN said that it would “continue to cooperate with Sibsol” in a bid to recover the work.SIBs international publishing wing, SBM, has been involved in the rescue of other important works by the author, including the 2013 bestseller “The King of Diamonds” and the bestseller about an American presidential candidate in 2010, “The President.”

In an interview last year with The Associated Press, Varelos widow, Mariela Varelas, said her husband’s work was “tremendously important.”

She described his work as a source of inspiration for her husband and others.

“He was a kind and very generous man,” she said.

“He loved reading and he loved writing, so we wanted to help him.”

Varela’s “King of Diamond” was adapted into a Broadway musical in 2010 and “The Governor” won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for literature.

In addition to the King of Crowns novel, the novel about the late American president John F. Kennedy is currently in production at the Broadway stage production of “The Kennedy Chronicles.”

Sibski, which had a publishing license from the British publisher Bantam in the early 1990s, said in a statement that the agreement with Pinnacle would enable the company to recover a manuscript of “Kingdom of the Damned,” which the company has not published in the past.

“The King and the Governor will now go together to recover this manuscript,” SibS said.

The new agreement will also allow the publisher to publish the book in Europe.

“This is a very positive step for the publisher as we are at a moment of great crisis,” said SibSoc, which said it has signed the agreement and hopes to publish it in the spring.

“We are extremely grateful to Pinnacle for its cooperation in this important process.”