How to sell to the football industry: Quercus Media

How to sell to the football industry: Quercus Media

Quercu, the publishing house owned by ESPN and the Quercuz Media group, has a long history of making big deals for its publishing partners.

It has been a big winner at the auction block in recent years.

For example, Quercutives published the rights to the Manchester United match-fixing scandal that culminated in the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson as United manager.

Now the company is trying to secure a deal for a new book by the Italian football journalist Fabio Quercur.

It is looking to buy The Black Mirror by Charlie Brooker, which is about the UK’s post-Brexit future.

The company has already secured a deal to publish the book by a company in Italy that is owned by the same family as the Querna Group.

It owns two publishing houses in Italy: Querno Publishing and Quercuti. 

In an interview with the Financial Times, Quernutives executive director Mario Di Marzio said the company had already secured some deals for Quernos books and that the book about Manchester United was one of them.

Quercusei is a group that includes the publishing houses of the Italian Serie A, Italian Super League and Italian Football League.

It also has a stake in a number of Italian football magazines and newspapers, including La Stampa and Sport. 

Di Marzios father is a prominent businessman, who also owns the company Quercudio, which owns two newspapers in Italy and two in Spain.

He said the books deal would not be for a commercial or financial one. 

“There are a number things we are interested in.

We are interested, for example, in the books of Charlie Brookers The Fall, because we believe that it is a very interesting book,” Di Marzo told the Financial Press. 

He also said the book was “really good”, but added that he did not want to buy it. 

The Quercuci Group has previously sold the rights for books to magazines in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

It had also signed a deal with Sky News in 2012 to publish a book on the London Olympics, which was subsequently cancelled. 

According to a biography on Quercure, Di Marzos father owned the publishing business of his grandfather in the 1960s, which went bankrupt in 1979.

Quernu is owned jointly by the family of Mario DiMarzo, the former CEO of the publishing company Quernum, as well as the company that is run by his father. 

Quercu has also been one of the biggest winners of the recent auction block, and it is likely to have the most to gain from any deal.

Di Marzzos father, Mario, also owns a publishing company in Rome, which has the publishing rights to books about the Italian soccer teams Napoli and Roma. 

Last year, the Quera Group sold a book about the future of the Olympic Games to a Spanish company, called Europa Universal.

Europa Universal, the same company that owns Europa Universal Sports and Europa Universal Publishing, bought the rights of a book by former soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The rights for the book were transferred to Quercuvio. 

Despite its history of big deals, DiMarzio was quick to acknowledge that there were risks involved in such deals.

“There’s a risk.

But I would say that there are also good chances that there is nothing that will happen.

It’s very, very important that we do our best to find an agreement and to protect our partners,” he told the FT. 

 It was not clear if Di Marzanis father, who is also an owner of the sports team Juventus, would agree to buy the book. 

A spokesman for Europa Universal said it was not yet possible to comment on Di Marzes book.