When to pay for a new paper

With new technology, you can pay for your newspaper or magazine at a time you want.But you may not be able to pay as much as you want, so how much should you pay?It’s time to consider what the average reader should be paying for a print newspaper. 3:45 pm

Hunter House publishes new ‘The Last Hunt’ book

Hunter House Publishing has released the first volume of its new book series, The Last Hunt.The new series of six books is set in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings.Each volume is comprised of four stories, and features a different setting.Hunter House describes the book as a “historical drama.”The first book in the series, “The Last Hunting,” is set […]

Why you’re reading books that make you sick

Posted October 05, 2019 03:18:47When you start reading books you may think you’re getting the whole picture of the story, or maybe you’re just starting out, but you may be surprised to find out what you’re really getting.You may also discover that you don’t even need to read the whole thing to get sick.The science behind how you should read […]