How to find a great author: the list

The Huffington Posts is proud to publish the best booklist for August.We’re sharing it with you in the hopes that you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we did.The list is curated by Emily A. Johnson and is published monthly and is based on the feedback from the reader community.This month, we’ve got: “The First Girl” by Amy Tanenbaum (Fantagraphics) […]

Why we’re no longer in a slump

By Football Italian staff Writers of The Sunday Times have written about the impact of the August house rule changes and the fact that, in many cases, it’s not just the players that are affected.It is the staff, too, who must contend with a lack of funds, with the new contracts being offered by their agents in a way that […]

When did the Indian Express go to the US?

When did Indian Express leave the US to go to Africa?While the Indian print media is known for its independence and freedom of expression, its influence in the US has been waning for decades.In 2015, the Indian publication went public at a valuation of $3.5 billion, after being acquired by a group led by billionaire Mukesh Ambani.The group has since […]

What to know about August publishing house’s acquisition of ABRAMS PUBLISHING HOUSE

July 24, 2018 | Updated July 25, 2018The online publishing company ABRAMs Publishing House has bought the publishing house The Express for $2.3 billion, according to the Financial Times.ABRAMS Publishing House bought The Express earlier this year for $1.8 billion.The newspaper has published the best-selling books of the past 10 years.ABRAHAM S. JONES, CEO and Chairman, ABRAM, ABRAHAM & ASSOCIATES, […]