How to publish a book from a buzzingstock publisher

Bowerhouse Publishing house has published two books from a new startup called Buzzingstock.The startup was founded by two professors and a former academic from the University of Washington, and it was originally set up to let people publish their books using buzzers.But it was later expanded to allow publishers to make money off the buzzers and then distribute the […]

Which new novels are coming this year?

The new year is almost here and publishers are rushing to make their best books for the new year.Which books should you read?Which books will you be reading in 2017?Which titles have you read in 2017, and why?We spoke to five authors and publishers to find out the best books coming this spring and summer.Read More

Bower & Johns to launch new Green publishing house

Bower and Johns Publishing will be launching a new Green House publishing house in London, the publisher announced Thursday.The company will operate from a space in the heart of the city’s financial district and will be the first major British publisher to be in the process of establishing an English office.“We’re excited to welcome a new British publishing house to […]