Why the Duke Publishing House Is Killing Cambridge House’s Book Publishing business

The Cambridge House publishing house has been under pressure to sell its business to the Cambridge publishing house since the Cambridge House was acquired by Duke Publishing last year.Duke Publishing owns the Cambridge house.A Duke spokeswoman told Newsweek the company has no plans to close the Cambridgehouse publishing house.The spokeswoman said the CambridgeHouse publishing house is “a major provider of […]

When the dust settles on Concordia publishing, it’ll be worth the money

With the dust settled on Concordian, the dust has settled on its publisher and author.In a statement to ABC News, co-founder and publisher David Whitaker said the company’s current financial situation was not sustainable, and that its business was “on the rocks”.Whitaker said Concordia’s financial woes were not the fault of the publisher but of its current management team.“The company […]

How the Kindle e-book revolution is reshaping the publishing industry

The Kindle ebook is changing the publishing landscape.The digital version of books can be purchased in stores and online, and booksellers can now offer a range of formats including paperback, ebook, audiobook and audiobook.The new formats are helping to transform publishers’ business model, and are opening up new markets for authors and authors’ publishers.The biggest beneficiary of the Kindle revolution […]