Hunter House publishes new ‘The Last Hunt’ book

Hunter House Publishing has released the first volume of its new book series, The Last Hunt.The new series of six books is set in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings.Each volume is comprised of four stories, and features a different setting.Hunter House describes the book as a “historical drama.”The first book in the series, “The Last Hunting,” is set […]

How to Make the Most of Your Paperback Book Deal

This is the fifth installment in a four-part series on how to find the right book to publish.In Part 1, we looked at the advantages of Kindle and Nook ebooks, and in Part 2, we examined the pros and cons of e-book formats.Now it’s time to talk about what your book should look like when it’s ready to be published.You […]

How to Find the Best New Releases for Your Bookseller List

If you are a bookseller, it is a given that you are searching for new books that are likely to be new to your market, even if you are still the same type of publisher.However, new books are a very different animal from traditional releases.For example, in most of the markets that traditionally publish books, the traditional publishing houses are […]