‘The Wolf’ is a hit and ‘The New York Times Book Review’ is the best book of 2017

The best-selling book of the year is a classic. The novel of A.O. Scott’s life in the mid-1980s, The Wolf is a runaway bestseller that’s selling like crazy right now. “The Wolf” sold more than 1.4 million copies in the first week of release, according to Nielsen Bookscan, and has already beaten its predecessor, “Shelter.” The first book in Scott’s story of survival and survival of the […]

When does the future of big publishing fall?

“I think it’s a lot like the first time we started with Amazon,” he says.“There was a very small market and it was very expensive to grow.What if I make a $100 million book?’ “I went to Amazon with my wife and I told them, ‘This is my first big project.What if I make a $100 million book?’They were like, […]