Why are some Pentecostals getting into the media business?

Pentecosteral publishing houses have always had a rich history.They have produced books, magazines and audiobooks since the 1800s, and even some classic periodicals have been published by them.In recent years, however, the number of Pentecohers publishing in the UK has dwindled and the number in the industry is in decline.One reason for this may be that some Pentecaurs believe that […]

Leicester City fans celebrate with the #CambridgeHouseCup

Football Italiano – Cambridge House Publishing (Cambridge House) have secured their Champions League place with a comfortable win over Leicester City, securing their third consecutive win on the trot and a third-straight win in all competitions.The #CambridgesHospitality Cup, which is a collaboration between the Premier League, the Club Championship and the Cambridge House Supporters’ Association, was awarded on Thursday evening […]

How low-price Amazon can be for consumers

On the surface, Amazon’s price cuts may seem to be targeting a niche customer group: consumers buying cheap and/or new hardware.The reality is that Amazon is targeting the bulk of the e-commerce market.But the company is also targeting the average consumer who doesn’t care about the hardware or software they’re buying.Amazon’s low prices are targeting the consumers who buy hardware […]