Penguin House is a publisher, not a publisher-in-chief

A new publishing house has launched in Dublin with a new focus on online and social media.The Penguin House Group, which has over 1,500 publishers, said it wanted to bring together the best of the best in publishing, including digital publishing, print and video to create a world-class publishing business.Online publisher The Penguin Group, based in Dublin, has set up […]

How the Kindle e-book revolution is reshaping the publishing industry

The Kindle ebook is changing the publishing landscape.The digital version of books can be purchased in stores and online, and booksellers can now offer a range of formats including paperback, ebook, audiobook and audiobook.The new formats are helping to transform publishers’ business model, and are opening up new markets for authors and authors’ publishers.The biggest beneficiary of the Kindle revolution […]

How does your publisher handle online distribution?

PEN – The Italian publisher Penguin House is under fire for allegedly not protecting publishers’ rights to distribute their titles online in a number of countries.Last week, Italian publisher CINEL released a statement in which they claimed that the publisher had not received the necessary approvals to distribute the game, “The House of Lament”.CINEL president Sergio D’Alessandro said: “We don’t […]