When The Book Brought Back The New Yorker’s Peter Fonda

By PETER FONDAAssociated Press (AP)Peter Fonda will soon return to the New Yorker after nearly 20 years as the magazine’s publisher, the publisher confirmed on Thursday.Fonda, the author of the “New York Trilogy” books that made him a household name and who has written numerous novels, will begin a new project with the publisher called “The New Yorker Book Series” […]

How to write a book in a year

How to be published in a book published in 2019: How to publish a book that has been published for at least a year in the past, in 2018, or in 2017.Read more Read article By 2019, the average person’s average monthly income was around £250.But by 2020, it would be £1,300, and by 2021, £1.5 million.By 2022, the median […]

How to publish a book with Cambridge House (but not at the Cambridge House)

Now that you’ve read the first post, you might be asking yourself, “What is Cambridge House?”The answer is, the Cambridge University Press publishes a variety of books and is the publisher of the Cambridge Dictionary of English.The Cambridge Dictionary is the best source for English dictionary definitions.Here’s how to publish your book at the university Press with the Cambridge dictionary: […]