Why the Duke Publishing House Is Killing Cambridge House’s Book Publishing business

The Cambridge House publishing house has been under pressure to sell its business to the Cambridge publishing house since the Cambridge House was acquired by Duke Publishing last year.Duke Publishing owns the Cambridge house.A Duke spokeswoman told Newsweek the company has no plans to close the Cambridgehouse publishing house.The spokeswoman said the CambridgeHouse publishing house is “a major provider of […]

How to find your next publishing house

As you look at the new titles you’re publishing, here’s what to look for.Universities are in the process of being privatised to create a “free market” that’s seen publishers take a big cut of sales and profits.While this has been seen as a good thing for independent publishers, it’s not always been so.Read moreUniversities can also be a great source […]

‘Universities are the best’ to ‘educate’ kids, says Harvard professor

The best thing about the Harvard University Press, a prestigious publisher that’s been around for a while, is that it publishes books.But what it doesn’t do is teach.Harvard’s professor of education, Joseph Stiglitz, has made a career of it, teaching at a wide variety of universities and publishing a slew of books and articles on the subject of education.He’s published […]